There are two primary calendars on Thraxis, The Brekasian Calendar, used by people from the Northern hemisphere, and The Quetapanii Calendar, used by people from the Southern hemisphere.The Quetapanii Calendar is forthcoming, but the Brekasian Calendar is mostly complete, barring a few new holidays.



(Named after the Brekasian Supernal Gods)

  • Nevones-Spring
  • Khrosos-Summer
  • Cyboea-Fall
  • Xenedon-Winter


(Named after the Brekasian Heroic Gods)


Ikelion -32 days.


  • 1: New Year's Day.
  • 20: Northern Spring Equinox.
  • 20: Wralpakh (Storm Dwarves). The day when the Storm Dwarves of Kharkon, Brekas, and Zeikrusia burn their own, or each other's towns and move on to new areas.
  • 27: Ennukoreen (Hajir). A day celebrating and speculating on the strange Ennukai ruins that dot the landscape of Hajir. There are plays that have to do with the drama of the Ennukai bringing mankind to Thraxis.

Pharion - 30 days.


  • 2-10: Bonda Chingwe (Kenabu). Honors the spirit animals- the animal kings and queens. 3 days for each of air, water, and sky creatures.
  • 14: Sacrifice Day (Kyklopes). A day when a kyklopes may permanently give his or her most prized possession from the last year to another who needs it as a gift, to commemorate the sacrifice of the great Kyklopes Idol Arkene's sword. Other gifts are given as well. It is a mortal insult not to take and keep the gift.

Demeion - 28 days.


  • 23-25: Viskara. A celebration of enlightenment and the great bodhisattvas.


Thitraeon - 32 days.


  • 14-29: Brekasian Games (Brekas/World). The Empires send their Best athletes to Novius to compete for glory and possibly to settle disagreements. All are welcome, wars are put on hold.
  • 21: Northern Summer Equinox.
  • 22: Zalgazaar (Zeikrusia). A day of tribute to the dragons that rule Zeikrusia. Tax day.

Itosion - 30 days.


  • 5-6: Aumboc (Quetapan). An annual meteor shower. The veil between the Astral and material panes weakens, and the meteors are used for crafting powerful items.
  • 16-20: Lung Hao Festival (Xiangur). Xiangurese dragons and draconic beings are honored. Kites abound.

Eteosion - 28 days.


  • 6: Midsummer's Night (Ynnidon). The night where the Nightmare court is weakest. The Dream court celebrates all night.
  • 8-15: T'Shundi Fair (Kenabu/World). A weeklong event in Retyah where one can find and procure the rarest items in the world, and take in amazing entertainment , drink, and food from the world over.
  • 20-28: Stuunriis (Stonecutter Dwarves). Stonecutters and other artisans bring forth amazing sculptures, items and Wonders for the surface as gifts to the empire. Clay dwarves keep this holiday in their adoptive empires.


Hektiosion - 32 days.


  • 1-32: Thukarash (Flayed Dwarves). A month of Flayed dwarf reflection and self-knowledge, with the help of psychotropic fungi.
  • 20: Northern Autumn Equinox.

Keresion - 30 days.


  • 2: Asma Imera (Brekas)/Canticle Dawn (World). Commemoration of the day that the Canticle came to Thraxis.
  • 7: Liberation Day (Ijamvhul). Ijamvians celebrate their emancipation from draconic rule by imbibing intoxicating substances. The wealthy or strong also begin an extended dragon hunt the following day.

Iochusion - 28 days.


  • 8-15: Guang Lo Festival (Xiangur). Cleansing of tombs, and repairing of old things during the day, followed by fireworks, flying lanterns, light-based illusions to celebrate the moon at night.
  • 28: Otzaltec (Quetapan). A day of complete honesty, when no one can tell a lie and illusions don't work anywhere in the Empire.


Aecharision - 32 days.


  • 19-24: Booresh Rapoora (Hajir). Colorful dyes and spices thrown into the air and rivers across Hajir to symbolize the flows of energy across Thraxis.
  • 21: Northern Winter Solstice.
  • 21: Morekai (Kharkon). The Kharkonoi day that a leader such as the Sovereign or Lord Overseer can be legally challenged or overthrown and replaced, if they need to be. This can be violent if necessary.
  • 22: Maelizhul (Zeikrusia). A day when the dragons offer small gifts or favors to their subjects. If a subject is in good standing they may make requests, and reasonable queries will usually get good results.

Macuron 30 days.


  • 18-27: Tarle Festival (Vanaras). Celebrates the escape from and eventual defeat of a powerful Rakshasa by the vanara hero Ujeer, who hid in a mighty Tarle tree with his village for 10 years. Very festive, with music, food, drink, and costumes.
  • 22: Hawar (Kenabu).

Astesion 28 days.


  • 6: Midwinter's Day (Ynnidon). The day when the Dream Court of Ynnidon is at their weakest. The nightmare court hunts in broad daylight.
  • 13: Athetalc (Quetapan). A day appeasing a weakened, but still dangerous blood god named Atchetak, when the veil between life and death is thin. The people celebrate death and sacrifice, staining the streets with red berry juice to represent blood.

Days of the week

(Named after the Brekasian Titans)

  1. Heliae
  2. Mendae
  3. Eratea
  4. Aeternae
  5. Kephaea
  6. Stratea
  7. Sykoniae
  8. Arrilae


Arril's lunar cycle is 32 days. That means that each of the eight phases of the moon lasts for 4 days. As noted in the next section, The New Moon Fell on the first day of Ikelion about 3 years ago, and was on the third day of its last quarter on the same day this year.


A Thraxian Year is 360 days long.

A Cycle is a longer period of time that begins on the day when the first day of the year, the New Moon, and the first day of the week line up. The current length of a Cycle is only 4 years long, but when Arril was further away, the length of a lunar month was longer, and thus the length of a Cycle was longer. At the beginning of the age, it was much longer- centuries.

It is currently the 3rd year of the 359th Cycle of the Age of Majesty.

As for the length of an Age, no one knows for certain, but it seems that as the length of a Cycle shortens, and Arril comes ever closer, the world is about to find out.