Our land is cursed with the cold, but it only arises for half of the year, thanks to the Frost Eater. If you have the wisdom to listen, you will learn of what he has done for us.

For most of time, the world was empty and dark. Mountains and darkness, surrounded by frozen seas - such was the whole of the world. Elves say differently, but they lie.

Long ago- before Men, before Thull, before Grule brought The Hungry One, Gejjur opened Our eyes, as a boon for defeating the elves, even in our slumber. When we awoke, we felt for the first time the burn of ice, the cut of wind, the sting of frost. Though we did not complain, Gejjur saw that we were in pain. He tore the top from Mount Vosk, and made a volcano to gather around, to keep us warm. His brothers, Andrak and Kroshletch could not aid him. Andrak was busy forging the rest of the world and Kroshletch was still climbing out of the chasm of the dead after he fell in battle with the Empress.

Gejjur burrowed deep into the earth, deeper than any dwarf has ventured since. He tunneled for 9 days, and 9 nights; down through granite, through basalt, through magma, through nickel, through iron, through gold, through platinum, through diamond, and past gragel to the fiery chamber where Old Grandmother sits. Though her great age had left her deaf and blind, he strove to ask her to save us. For nine days and nine nights, he wrote the words in her palm, until she understood. At last, with trembling voice, she spoke, and said thus:

I shall call back the dark and the cold and the biting wind. You may take a flame from this chamber, and cast it into the sky. For half of the year, it shall keep your people warm. But know this: For half of every year, the dark and the cold and the biting wind must be released once more over your land, for you have disturbed my rest. Furthermore, I shall give birth to horrors that will rise up from my chamber to plague your people, that they shall remember the price of my mercy.

Gejjur quaked with rage when she said this. He shook the world when he heard this. This was not the payment expected for the duty we had performed in her name. He did not strike Old Grandmother- for his honor did not allow it- but shouted loud enough to shake her bones. Even though she was deaf, she heard his words. With roaring voice, he spoke, and said thus:

Bride and Mother of my Father, whatever dust spills forth from your loins shall fall to dwarven steel! And when you can spew no more filth, We shall come for you!

With this, Gejjur took the hottest flame, and the second hottest for good measure, which he combined with the first. Then he returned to the surface world. When he arrived, he saw that if he cast the flame into the sky, the mountains of ice would melt, but our people would drown in the waters that flowed from them. He walked the earth for 9 days and 9 nights, devouring the ice and frost. Then he gave small bits of the flame to our ancestors, so the dwarves could survive the return of ice every year. When it was done, he cast the flame into the sky, and the first day dawned on this world.

If you have listened well, you know that this is why the sun shines, why the seasons change in our realm alone, why we are plagued by the Gej, the mask-weavers, and all the others, and why we no longer revere Old Grandmother.

— Abridged version of ‘Gejjur’s Gift’, a central Kharkonoi myth.