Wormlike, eyeless aberrations, gedge are strange beings that perform scouting missions for Hrum Vaat, and often serve as priests for the strange faiths of that subterranean realm. Not possessing skeletons, they resemble nothing so much as flabby yet muscle-bound humanoid worms. As they can stretch any appendage to a great degree, they tend to wear robes that are loose-fitting, to allow them full mobility. Little is known of their reproduction or rearing, but it has been conjectured that they are in fact the same race as the Lreans, and that they deviate during gestation. They wear robes, and can wear any armor, but prefer not to, since it hinders their movement. Gedge can use any martial weapon, preferring staffs that resemble tuning forks.

Ugly Dwarf Hunters

They have ropy, undulating arms and legs, which they use to move and manipulate objects. Their "faces" are broad, eyeless, and pulpy, and look like they have been smashed inward, giving them a caved-in visage. At a distance and in darkness, they superficially resemble particularly powerful versions of their favorite subterranean prey- dwarves.

Loyal Henchmen

Despite their strong willpower, gedge firmly believe in hierarchy. Gedge do not step out of line or rebel, in most cases. They are little better than skilled slaves in Hrum Vaat, but that's the way they like it. They are very much conformists, preferring to be led than to lead. Even in control, they act only on orders from those above them. Some break this stereotype, leaving the subterranean realms behind, but they never quite fit into other societies. Such gedge have been known to become smugglers or mercenaries. They are skilled builders and miners, filling a role similar to dwarves, which brings the two races into frequent conflict. Unlike the dwarves, however, they do not hoard goods themselves, instead bringing them back to their superiors to enrich their empire.


Medium Aberration, Lawful Evil

Armor Class 16 (Natural Armor)

Hit Points 18 (3d8+6)

Speed 30 Feet

STR: 14 (+2)  DEX: 12 (+1)  CON: 14 (+2)  INT: 12 (+1)  WIS: 14 (+2)  CHA: 12 (+1)

Acrobatics , Perception, Stealth.

Damage Vulnerabilities Slashing

Damage Immunities Thunder

Condition Immunities Blinded

Senses Tremorsense 120 ft., Sonic vision 60 ft., passive Perception 15

Languages Hrum (Undercommon)

Challenge 3 (700 xp)

Sonic Vision. Gedge "see" their surroundings by emitting a constant multifrequency hum that reveals the lay of the land in all directions, and any beings that are in the area. This extraordinary ability is so refined that it can reveal the specific features and basic equipment (no details on dweomers) of any creatures within 120 ft, even if they are behind an obstacle or wall. This power also detects secret doors flawlessly, and may even reveal dimensional pockets (on a DC 15 Perception check) such as bags of holding or rope tricks by the deadened sound in the area of such. Silence creates blind spots (As a darkness effect), and alerts the gedge to be cautious.

Organ Redundancy. A gedge has five hearts (one in each limb and one it's 'head'), five brains, and every other internal system has several backups. This makes them very hard to kill. When they die, they break into 5 separate worms. When separated, a limb must make a Constitution save vs. DC 10 or is stunned for one round.

At any time, a blow may be delivered to destroy the limb. Each limb itself is a tiny creature that has 3 hit points, and all of the Gedge's ability scores and memories. It cannot use its normal actions. These appendages may attack at +1 for 1 damage, can grapple at the gedge's full strength, or attempt escape at 20 ft. /round. Separated limbs cannot use Resonance, but can use any other abilities.

Limbs may work in concert via subsonic communication. They will strategically sacrifice themselves, to allow at least one to escape and survive.

Any severed extremity containing a heart has the potential to grow into a full grown gedge in one week, though if more than one survives, only one will regenerate. The rest die off and are eaten by the gedge, if possible, to help him heal.

Tensile Body. Though they cannot substantially change their basic shape (to the extent of creating extra limbs or disguising themselves as another race), gedge are creatures composed almost entirely of lumbric muscle, which is more flexible than its mammalian analog. They can contract and extend any part of their bodies as a full-round action. In combat they can become selectively and dynamically more compact or extended.

When they feel that they are safe, they may take two rounds to contract their bodies laterally, while extending longitudinally, reaching up to 20 feet vertically, or fitting through holes of 1 foot diameter. They cannot take actions other than moving, and their AC is reduced by 5 while vulnerable in this way.

If caught in the middle of passing through a small opening, they may contract their exposed portions without taking damage for being compressed, losing their Dex bonus to AC, and are unable to move further, but they regain the ability to take actions. Gedge in this situation cannot resonate.

Lumbric Reach. Gedge can snake out their limbs in combat to achieve a 10 foot reach.


Resonance (Recharge 5-6). When two or more Gedge congregate, they can cause their perpetual humming to resonate with one another and emit a fearsome sonic attack that affects a 25 ft radius sphere around them, or a 40 ft cone in any direction- even doing damage to stonework. This attack emanates from only one of the gedge in the group, and recharges only at the beginning of that creature's turn. All creatures and unattended objects within the area of effect take 2d8 thunder damage with a Constitution save for half.

Each additional gedge above the requisite two adds 1d8 thunder damage to this attack, with a maximum of 9d8 thunder damage per group. Separate groups can attack separately as long as they are more than 25 feet apart. Resonance requires a round to take effect, and other gedge or lreans are unharmed. Resonance does not injure oozes.

Worm Slap. +5 to hit, reach 10 ft., 1 target. Hit: 13 (2d6+5) bludgeoning damage.

Tuning Staff. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 15 ft., 1 target. Hit: 9 (1d6+5) bludgeoning damage.


Stretch and Shift. When scared, a gedge can use their Tensile Body ability quickly. They may stretch their body up to 20 feet in any direction (even upward), and retract the rest of their body to fit into a space that they are touching within the same round, at the beginning of the first round they become aware of a combat threat. When they use this ability they take 1d4 damage from pulled muscles.