Domains are in italics. Some domains, marked with an asterisk, are not available yet.


The Supernal Gods

  • Sea- Nevones, Spring (f): Water*, Travel*
  • Sky- Khrosos, Summer (m): Air*, Tempest
  • Earth- Cyboea, Fall (f): Earth*, Life
  • Underworld- Xenedon, Winter (m): Fire*, Death

The Heroic gods

The Heroic Gods grant their names to the months of the year.

  • Conquest- Ikela (f): War
  • Luxury-Pharis/Phara (m/f): Pleasure*
  • The Arts-Demeia (f): Artifice*
  • The Hearth-Thitra (f): Life
  • The Sun-Itos (m): Light
  • Innocence-Eteos (m): Knowledge
  • Justice-Hektios (m): Justice*
  • The Moon-Keresia (f): Prophesy*, Time*
  • The Hunt- Iochus (m): Nature
  • Prosperity- Aecharis (m): Commerce*
  • Mysteries- Macuro (m): Trickery*
  • Dreams- Astes (f): Dream*

The Titans

Granting no spells, these beings predate the gods, and lend their names to the planets in the system, and 8 of them to the names of the days of the week.

  • 0-Thraxis (m): Thraxis, the World of Morningstar. Not to be confused with the world's Mother spirit, who Brekasians call Cyboea. Thraxis is the body, Cyboea is the soul. 2nd planet from the sun. No day of the week.
  • 1-Helius (m): The (body of the) Sun
  • 2- Mendius (m): The 1st planet from the sun.
  • 3- Eratus (m): Fourth planet from the sun.
  • 4-Aeternia (f): Fifth planet from the sun.
  • 5-Kephaea (f): Sixth planet from the sun.
  • 6-Strateus (f): Seventh planet from the sun.
  • 7- Sykonia (f): Eighth planet from the sun.
  • 8- Arrilia (f): the (body of the) Moon, third planed from the sun.