The Yetzirah Games Forums

I set up some forums here on the site, using Muut. Muut is easily integrated forum software, and the only viable solution for an embedded forum with my current host. The forums are actually hosted remotely, but with a bit of code injected into the page, it looks and acts like they're hosted locally. 

This solution comes with a few issues, but the main one is that we're stuck with the way Muut decides the forums work. One of the weird philosophical annoyances with this software is that the creators of it insist that no one be able to edit their posts after a few minutes. I, as an admin/moderator can "delete" a post from view, but that only really hides it. It never goes away, and they keep it on their servers. 

As you can tell, I'm not a fan of this restriction. I've never really seen the phenomenon that this allegedly protects against; people changing their posts after getting replies to make a fool of the people who respond- except in cases of people who need to be banned anyway. Forcing them to live with their posts won't magically make them into decent people, it will just make them plan a bit better. 

Regardless, it's the software we have now, and if we want to use it, it's there. Other than the above issue, it's not that bad. It's really like a comment system+ with a moderator who can't or won't help you. I know I'm a moderator/admin, but in this system, I'm actually not much higher than a user in terms of authority over the software.

I initially used the free version of the software, but recently subscribed at $20 a month. With no one really using the forums, and few additional features for subscribing, I decided tonight to cancel the subscription. That $20 will get me out of a couple of jams. That means that if you do use the forums, they might not be as feature rich as you might be used to. I apologize for that.  

It's up to you guys if we want to use the forums, and if you have any suggestions for a better forum (if we even need one at all), please let me know in the comments. Comments use Muut as well, for now. The idea of using the same system for both is to prevent you from needing to have separate logins anywhere on the site. If it doesn't work for you, let me know.